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It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love


5 Things You Did Not Know About Your Body:


1 -Body Position Affects Your Memory. If you don't remember your boyfriend/girlfriend's anniversary, try getting on your knees. That might help.

2 -Similar to fingerprints, everybody's tongue has a unique tongue print. That explains good and bad blowjobs.

3 -The Storage capacity of human brain exceeds 4 Terabytes. (That makes 400,000 MP3's. So, there's no way to learn the entire Prince catalogue by heart).

4 -King Faefehi Paulah of Tonga supposed defowered 37,800 women between the years 1770 and 1784 - that's about seven virgins a day. This is absolutely not related to the topic, but it's quite interesting. And kinda related to the next step.




2019 SPECTRAL DISPLAY is back ! The are working on exciting new songs, wich will be released soon, plus a remix of the track It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love. !

A brief history

-Composer , keyboard artist & producer Michel Mulders, founded Spectral Display in 1980. He was signed by EMI to start working with lead singers and lyricists. He found a succesful collaborator in Henri Overduin, who wrote most of the lyrics and also did the vocals on their first hit single Lyrics were mostly written by Henri Overduin, who also sung the first hit single It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love

-In 1981 their first album, Spectral Display was recorded in Michel Mulders's private studio. Recording Equipement was provided to record the first album: It was released in 1982.

In the Summer of 1982 It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love was released in 13 countries. First in Holland and Italy, followed by France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Belgium, Australia, New-Sealand, Japan.....

-In 1982 EMI again provided Spectral Display the recording equipement needed to record their second album, cording Equipement was provided by EMI to record the second album, Too Much Like Me , which was released in 1984.

-In 1981 Spectral Display signed a two-album record contract with EMI Holland.